Bit of a mixture, heron, egret and ?, with a crocodile lurking.

I have loved birds as long as I can remember, although I have never been a serious ornithologist. In recent years, bird song has become for me a token of nature's valiant resistance to the encroachment of the built human environment.

As a photography enthusiast, I enjoy the technical challenges involved in capturing images of these beautiful creatures, with varying levels of success!  They aren't always the most co√∂perative subjects.  In some cases, I have one lone image of a species; for others I have far too many, and they need a serious cull.  So this is definitely a 'work in progress'.

If nothing else, preparing this Bird section reminds me how much travelling I have been lucky enough to do since coming to Australia.  I have tried to include the location in the caption for each shot.

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