Two of the iconic Manly ferries docked at Circular Quay

Two of the iconic Manly ferries docked at Circular Quay

The Rocks & Circular Quay, 31 Jan 2014

One of Anne's sketching groups set itself the project to record the northern end of George Street in Sydney, so I accompanied her one morning and wandered the area, camera in hand.

Miller's Point, 31 Aug 2014

Millers Point, an inner city suburb of Sydney, was developed early in the 19th century.  It lies between the Rocks and Darling Harbour, and abuts the huge Barangaroo development, which is redeveloping some of the original dockland area into new apartment buildings, a metro station, hotel, and casino - ultra-high-rise eyesores.

Given such a strategic location, it's easy to see how Millers Point would be an irresistible target for developers and their political mates, despite the fact that much of the area is important public housing.  Hence the many protest signs draped outside these buildings, opposing the threat of forced relocation.

Chinese Warriors at Circular Quay, Feb 2014

The primary objective of our drive into town was to see the Chinese Warriors display, but our visit fortuitously coincided with some cruise ship movements.  Everything helped by sunset, the photographer's best friend.

"Ninety warriors modelled on China's terracotta army have been lit up on Sydney Harbour as part of city's Chinese New Year Festival. The exhibition features the warriors, standing more than two-metres tall on the harbour foreshore, facing Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The artwork was inspired by the army of terracotta warriors uncovered in the tomb of China's first Emperor in 1974 and were made using traditional lantern-making techniques. The lantern warriors, lit up in red, green, yellow and blue, are accurate replicas of the original 8,000 warriors, but the artist also included women and children to represent inheritance and the future. The models were first created for the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008."

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