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In early May 2016, I upgraded my camera from a Canon 700D to a Canon 80D, still not a full-frame camera, but definitely a step up.

Cockatoo Island, 6 Feb 2016

A one-day photography course run by WEA Sydney.

Cockatoo Island is a UNESCO heritage site located at the junction of the Parramatta and Lane Cove Rivers in Sydney Harbour.  Formerly a convict penal establishment, reformatory school and naval ship dockyard, Cockatoo Island now offers heritage accommodation, a waterfront campground, tours, cafés and  picnic spots with panoramic harbour views

Callan Park, 5 Mar 2016

Callan Park, in the Rozelle district of Sydney, was formerly a mental hospital. It is now home to the Sydney College of the Arts (part of Sydney University), as well as smaller organisations such as the Sydney Writers' Centre. But with the College likely to move out in the next couple of years (because of the university accountants' weird attitude to return on assets), Callan Park will be seen as over 100 acres of largely open parkland, fairly close to the city centre and with frontage on the harbour foreshore.

In a city where every blade of grass is a potential apartment block, and where heritage and environment mean nothing, Callan Park is awfully vulnerable. Hence the existence of Friends of Callan Park, whose web site at callanpark.com explains their activities, as well as giving a history of the site.

On Saturday, 5 March 2016, Anne's Urban Sketchers group visited Callan Park, where, after an informative tour led by two of the Friends, the group spent some hours recording the scene, while I did likewise with my camera.

Woolwich Wharf, 30 Oct 2016


Balmain, 3 Nov 2016

Another instance of us going somewhere together, for Anne to do some sketching and for me to do some photography.

Here's one of her results.

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