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Umina Beach and Patonga, 21 Feb 2017

Double Bay, 9 April 2017

Autumn Leaves, 16 May 2017

These images were taken in the small park just across from our home.

Mount Annan, 30 May 2017

On 30 May we took a drive to visit the Australian Botanic Gardens at Mt Annan, near Campbelltown in the south-western outskirts of Sydney. It was about an hour and a half's journey each way, most of it on unpleasant motorway with the inevitable heavy trucks racing past.

But the Gardens themselves were very enjoyable and interesting. There isn't much in the way of formal gardens like you would find around some stately home. The majority of the land is to the casual observer just typical Aussie countryside, but different areas are devoted to different types of trees and plants, and there is a lot of scientific work being carried out behind the scenes.

Of special note is the fact that one of the main drives through the property is Cunningham Drive, named after the famous botanist of colonial times.

To link with the Gardens' web site, tap/click here.

Windy Harbour, 19 Aug 2017

There is nothing more powerful than the sea. Even in a semi-enclosed area like the Sydney Harbour, it can put on a dramatic performance on a windy day.

Video, rather than still photography, is the best way to appreciate the way in which the boats combat the elements, particularly the way the Manly Ferry headed into the wind and then did a very sharp turn, to minimise the time it was side-on to the waves.

I'm still learning about filming video, but I hope you will be able to see something of what I mean. To access some still shots, click on the image as usual.

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