Ponte Vecchio and the River Arno

Ponte Vecchio and the River Arno


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This trip is built around another “French Escapade” sketching week for Anne, this time in Tuscany with Brenda Swenson as tutor.  We’ll travel together, though, and Paul will amuse himself around Florence and Bologna while Anne is with her painting group.​

​British Airways had easily the best fares when we were booking, so naturally we go via London, staying three nights there on arrival, but coming straight through Heathrow on the homeward journey. We’ll be spending time in Florence, Padua (only 26 mins by train to visit Venice), and then back to Bologna, from where we may do day trips to the likes of Ravenna, Ferrara, Modena and Parma. It’s all very exciting. Almost exactly a month, leaving on Friday 14 September and getting back early morning on Saturday 13 October. Coco will be boarding at Divine Creatures for the duration.

Paul has even been attending WEA classes to learn the language, while Anne has been studying French, with some broader objectives.

Our "final" planned itinerary was as follows:

Fri 14 Sept, dep Sydney, via Singapore

Sat 15 Sept, arr London

Tues 18 Sept, to Florence

Fri 21 Sept, Anne to Tenuta di Sticciano

Sun 23 Sept, Paul to Bologna

Fri 28 Sept, both return to Florence

Tues 2 Oct, to Padua

Sat 6 Oct, to Bologna

Thurs 11 Oct, dep Bologna, via Heathrow/Singapore

Sat 13 Oct, arr Sydney ​

This map may be helpful. In addition to the places mentioned above, where we stayed, you may also note the relative positions of our day-trip destinations (from South to North) - Siena, San Gimignano, Prato, Pistoia, Ferrara, and last but not least Venice.

Like the best-laid plans of mice and men, there was one major change to this schedule, but more of that anon.

And here's a link to a gallery of Anne's photos from her French Escapade tour, including visits to towns such as San Gimignano and Siena.

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