Archiginnasio, Bologna

Archiginnasio, Bologna


There aren't too many legal ways available for venting one's anger or frustration at some of the things happening in the world around us. One such escape valve is the good old LETTER TO THE EDITOR, even if only a small proportion of them gets published. It is often well-nigh impossible to keep the discussion short enough for the newspapers.

So rather than have them expire in some Editor's Trash bin, we'll preserve them for posterity here. Inevitably, though, some nuances will be lost for those unfamiliar with the background or the letter or article to which we are responding. But each is undoubtedly a miniature literary masterpiece, though you may find the themes become somewhat repetitive.

The high-light of our letter-writing "career" was 19 Nov 2018, when we scored the "quinella", with both the lead and the second letter in the Sydney Morning Herald. Some sub-editor must not have noticed that they came from the same address!

Unlike most of this site, the Letters section is text-only. Rather than have one long chronological list, we'll divide them up by years.

Each letter will be annotated "MD" for our local Manly Daily or "SMH" for the Sydney Morning Herald, the main NSW daily.

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