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The State government has decided to build a new hospital in our suburb of Frenchs Forest, despite the site coming a poor third when the so-called "robust qualitative analysis" was done in 2005.

As a result, the already congested arterial roads need to be "upgraded" at a cost of $500 million, a far cry from the figure of $21.3 million used to justify the choice of location. The highway shown here will be widened to become a 12-lane, dual-level monstrosity, the creation of which will necessitate the felling of all the trees you see on the southern side of the road. We'll also lose the pretty and historic Brick Pit Reserve, with its children's playground, opposite which are our local Bantry Bay shops, including the most helpful, knowledgeable and friendly pharmacist you could ever hope to meet, Viren. What unnecessary devastation of our environment!

Not content with the hospital and associated roads, the whole suburb is to be designated a "priority precinct" , which in practice means replacing a verdant residential suburb with a built-up town centre, with 40-metre high blocks replacing what vestiges of open green space we have.

Here's a link to the submission I wrote to the NSW parliamentary enquiry in late 2019 into the "Operation and management of the Northern Beaches Hospital".  You need to scroll down to No. 109.

The Committee is due to report in February 2020.


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