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Kangaroo Island, Oct 2015

​Groan! The flight to Adelaide was scheduled for 8.00 which meant arising at 5.30 and rushing about to be ready for the driver at 6.30. Pasquale picked us up on time and we had a smooth, traffic free journey to the airport. The plane was on time and we were in Adelaide by 9.30 and out of the airport by 10.00.

We had 4.5 hours to get to Cape Jervis for the car ferry to Kangaroo Island so we drove down the Fleurieu Peninsula via Victor Harbour. The Fleurieu is lush and green at the moment. It seems to be a combination of wineries which are irrigated and lush dairy green country. I tend to think of South Australia as being dry and red but it appears that's not the whole scene.

We got to Cape Jervis with time to spare. There's not much there apart from the wharf, a lighthouse and a small settlement back up the hill from the coast. It's interesting how the landscape changes. As we got closer the the southern tip of the peninsula and dropped down to sea level it became more arid and bleak. We didn't stop to take any photos on the drive to the Cape. We were tired and wanted to be in good time for the ferry.

We will be returning more or less the same way on the drive to the Clare Valley and we will take some photos then. Fortunately for us there was no wind and the water was pretty much mill pond smooth for the crossing to the island. That particular body of water is called the Back Stairs Passage.

We arrived at Penneshaw (pronounced Penn-e-shaw) at 3.45 and set off to find Thorn Park on the Island which is to be our accommodation for the week. It is a self catering place owned by a couple with impeccable taste whose main residence is in the Clare Valley. An alternative was to book Southern Ocean Lodge at $1250 per person a night which, although tempting, is also a wee bit, um… frightfully dear.  

[The Lodge was destroyed in the horrendous fires which engulfed the western end of KI in January 2020.]

Clare Valley, Oct 2015

Sunday morning we caught the 10.00am ferry back to the mainland and set off for the Clare Valley which is due north of Adelaide. We drove up the western side of the Fleurieu Peninsula. It's a little drier than the east coast but was still very pretty at least until we reached the outer sprawl of Adelaide. It was a long and tedious drive through the city and I think we got just about every red light.

When we were back into the countryside I was pleased to see the farmland looking lush and productive. I was here eleven years ago in the middle of a long drought when everything was tinder dry.

Our accommodation in the town of Auburn is Annabel's cottage. We are in the traditional portion of the property which is a newly renovated old stone house with a lovely cottage garden.

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