Pont St-Bénezet, le pont d'Avignon

Pont St-Bénezet, le pont d'Avignon

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🇫🇷 ANNE IN ENGLAND & FRANCE, 2014


Frenchs Forest, Australia

​I'm glad I took my own advice and started to prepare early for this trip. If I rush about my back goes into spasm. This time I haven't rushed about but my back is sending warning signals nevertheless. As pretty much everything is done I can afford to be a couch potato for a day or two to let my back muscles settle down. All I have to do at this stage is buy the traveling pharmacy and do a final check that I have copies of all my documents. 

My iPhone and iPad come in very handy in this regard. All the documents are in Evernote and my TGV train tickets are on my phone as bar codes. I think my wardrobe will cover all contingencies. Long range forecasts indicate the weather in Provence will be a few degrees cooler than expected which means some of the England wardrobe will do double duty. I'm trying to pack sparingly and follow Jackie Grandchamps's suggestion that every item should be worn three times. Even so, the number of garments required for a three week break adds up. Paul reckons I should take an apron so that I avoid spilling my dinner on my blouse.

The Eagle Creek packing cubes I bought are shaping up to be a very good investment. They make it easy to organise like items together and to pack and unpack my bag with absolute ease. I'm all for ease when traveling. Two fun jobs to do before I leave are to choose my traveling art kit and to download a film and some TV shows and magazines to my iPad.


I'm packed with three days to spare. This is a first. I can relax and enjoy the next few days. As you can see from the photos, the packing cubes have worked extremely well. After I was packed I needed to swap two camisoles and all that I had to do was pull out the undies cube and do the change over. It has has taken quite a lot of planning to get to the point of having an organised, ultra light bag. 

The black backpack in the photos completes the bundle. Paul bought it for me as a gift as I will have a birthday while I'm away. It is made to hold an iPad and is big enough to carry my meds, purse and other alibadarbs for the flight. It is also quite small and therefore not too heavy. I think my entire luggage will weigh less than 20kgs. 

Modern technology helps to make traveling light easier. I don't need to take a book in my carry-on or checked luggage. I have downloaded a book, an audio book, a magazine, a BBC drama, and some episodes of series 2 of Downton Abbey onto my iPad. I've plenty of entertainment should I need it. All my documents are on the iPad too, although I have hard copies of the main page of each. 

Some travel tips:

1. Hard copies of documents can be printed on A5 paper and kept in an A5 display folder. A5 fits nicely into carry-on bags.

2. Using BluTac is a way to cover those annoying LEDs that beam out from TV sets, aircon units and smoke detectors. A woman I was traveling with last year had trouble sleeping because the TV in her room was beaming out a bright blue light.

3. Woolworths Global Roaming is a very cost effective way to stay in touch in Europe and the UK. Paul was at a Telstra shareholder's briefing the other day and pointed out to the head honchos that it was crazy that a supermarket chain offered a better service than they did. The management actually did contact him later so maybe they also will provide a cheaper roaming service in future. We'll see! [They didn't, so we now use Vodafone $5 roaming.]

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