Not what you would think, it appears.

Not what you would think, it appears.

We arrived back in Helsinki on a Sunday afternoon (31 July).  This, we discovered, was a mistake, as virtually every restaurant and café closes on Sundays, even the dining room at our hotel.  Having walked the streets for a while, in the vain hope of finding something reasonable to eat, we eventually settled for this little pizza shop.  The grub was as you would expect.  The chair on the pavement wasn't even strong enough to hold Anne.  So we sat on the wall of the imposing St John's Church opposite.  Which of course piqued my curiosity for the following morning.

What you can't see in my shots of St John's Church is that I had the unexpected pleasure that an organist was practising.  So here's a little slideshow with my iPhone recording as a sound-track.  There's a link here to the Church's own web site.

All of the photos at the National Museum on Tuesday morning were taken using my little 24mm f2.8 "pancake" lens, to be less conspicuous in such an environment.

Johanneksen Kirkko with its organ

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